At the restaurant

Jenny                « Look! Paul is in this restaurant!

Sarah                -Oh yes, let’s join him. Hello Paul!

Paul            -Hello! How are you?

Jenny          -We’re fine, and you?

Paul              -Fine thank you. Do you want to have lunch with me?

Jenny           -Yes, sure.

(The waiter is coming)

The  waiter         -Can I help you?

Paul                   -Yes, we want three ”fish and chips” and water, please.

                             And I’ll have an apple pie for dessert. And you Jenny?

Jenny                -I’d like an ice cream. And you Sarah?

Sarah                  -No dessert for me, but I’d like a cup of coffee, please.


The  waiter          -Ok, thank you”.

We're late!

Let's go to the canteen!

Kate's week

Vegetables soup

a sportswoman's interview

my family

Yellow belt (pour préparer la ceinture jaune)


Pour préparer la ceinture blanche